Red Eye Radio, Weeknights 1am

Long after the rest of the world packs off to bed, the Night People come to life and Red Eye Radio takes to the airwaves. Red Eye Radio is a nationally syndicated conversation with America, and in our 24/7 digital world, the news cycle and fun never sleep.

Red Eye Radio host Doug McIntyre pilots this four-hour night flight Monday – Fridays (1am-5am ET). Long-time host of McIntyre in the Morning on KABC in Los Angeles and WABC in New York, McIntyre sees Red Eye as “a love affair with America in all its aspects.” Whether it’s politics, history, music, or sports — from the outrageous to the just plain weird — if it’s happening in your life, Red Eye Radio is the place to talk about it.

Conservatives, Liberals, Tea Partiers and Tree Huggers are all welcome aboard Red Eye Radio’s nightly excursion into vox populi– even space aliens are invited.

Fly Red Eye Radio, where the listener always travels First Class.