The Burnie Thompson Show, Sundays 9am

The Burnie Thompson Show is less about winning arguments than pursuing the truth and advancing freedom.

Burnie is an intellectual who doesnt act like one, preferring a down-to-earth relationship with listeners. His incisive and passionate commentary champions personal freedom and responsibility, and underscores the burdens of government encroachment into our lives.

“I hold politicians accountable to represent the people under the constraints of the Constitution, Burnie says of his daily program. We are facing serious challenges and people are hurting. Now Floridians dont have to feel frustrated and isolated any more. They have a place to come and link arms. Together, we can save each other.”

Burnie helped found The Bay Patriots, the largest grassroots political organization in Bay County, Fl. The Burnie Thompson Show also has raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities. Don McCoy, creator of The Burnie Thompson Show and Chairman of Magic Broadcasting, says, “Burnie has amazing listener appeal, which accounts for the double-digit Shares he gets book after book.”

McCoy describes The Burnie Thompson Show as “the perfect blend of politics and human interest, leading the conversation Floridians are having about the direction we are heading. He draws everybody men and women, conservatives and liberals, young and old because his show is informative, entertaining and provocative. In short, its interactive and exciting!” says McCoy.